Thursday, 14 April 2011

In the same club?


I know that many people have reservations about the Daily Mail and I have reservations about all the mainstream media but we cannot ignore all their columnists and reports and today is no exception. On the front page we have the Prime Minister, David Cameron, castigating Gordon Brown for his mass immigration policy. He blames Labour for the rise in the BNP! Where has he been for the past twenty years?

Does he not realise that one visit to the BNP website on any day in the past few years would have warned him of the dangers of mass immigration and the effects of it on the indigenous  population. How can he reverse the social destruction of our country so late in the day? He is closing the stable door long after the horse has bolted which saddens me.  Coming so soon after his speeches on a recent visit to Pakistan I wonder what planet he is on?

Anyway I then turned to Stephen Glover's column and my eyes widened. Now I doubt if Stephen Glover had ever come near to this humble blog but he has eventually reached the same conclusion that I did months ago.  David Cameron has taken the traditional Conservative party far from the original aims of the grass roots party but he has done it with such skill and charm that he has been allowed to get away with it. As I said yesterday Nigel Farage is one of the few conservatives left in mainstream politics.

Then tucked away in the middle pages is this report that Gordon Brown currently lecturing in New Hampshire, USA, (so that is where he is) is 'favourite' to become head of the International Monetary Fund! What?? The man who ruined our economy is being rewarded with one of the top jobs in the financial world? Who would do that? Why would the bankers want to reward Gordon Brown? Well I was recently informed that the Rothschilds own the IMF and consequently I have to assume that grinning Gordon all along was not on the side of his country. If he ends up head of the IMF it is difficult to think anything else and when you start down that road you really do begin to smell rats in every corner of the land.

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Julian said...

It's quite incredible, but more evidence that there is a New World Order who reward those political leaders who carry out their bidding with top jobs for life. A vote for any of the mainstream parties is a vote to remain a serf forever toiling to enrich others.