Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Portugal defaults...predictably!

So yet another member nation of the EU has predictably gone broke and still our Political Class support the unaudited, unaccountable elite socialist conglomoration which is hell bent on ruining our economy. Every time one of these financially weak countries go to the wall have you noticed how WE must pour money into their piggy bank.

Is it not about time that David Cameron came clean and gave us the lowdown? OK I will buy the line that we are broke because NoLab left us in the s**t and the bankers are corrupt. I will also buy the line that we have got to tighten our belts because I can recognise that NoLab vastly overspent.

I do NOT buy that we have to bail out Portugal. We are not in the Euro and Portugal's problem is a Euro problem. How can we be responsible for the excesses of the Political Class of another country? It means that any government in the EU can actually evade responsibilty by throwing their hands in the air and declaring we are broke so let the UK pay!

Our mainstream politicians continue to blow our taxes willy nilly on projects we can't afford. Two tribes attack each other in Libya and it is our responsibility to separate them. Pakistan has problems with terrorism and we have to give them aid. It is ridiculous and a nonsense.

I would not mind too much if we, as a country, were wealthy. I would not mind if we cared for our elderly, educated our children and protected our weak. I would not mind if we had an orderly society, a good quality of life or safety for our children but these aspirations are as yet not achievable.

We are bombing people in Libya but we cannot care for our elderly. We are for whatever reason pouring money into Pakistan (why Pakistan... who as we all know will forever hold their hands out and take free money) but we can't give our kids free education.

We see this in every city in this land. We have absorbed (for whatever reason) a million Pakistanis into our cities when most of them were unemployable. The only reason that they are here is free money and the indigenous population have known that from Day One.

When will David Cameron and all our mainstream politicians put the welfare of our own public first? When will they finally support the British people? All the efforts of the Political Class are aimed at expenditure abroad. They show little interest in our plight at home. I think that David Cameron should take a lesson from Jack Kennedy many years ago.

Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country!

It is time that you focussed on your own people Dave but...of course... when you have masters in the EU then it really is difficult. I have to say however that you are doing a much better job of masking the truth than your opposite number (Ed Miliband). You were chosen well but we will end up cursing you.

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