Tuesday, 12 April 2011


ITV news has just delivered a very emotive report from Misrata where the rebel forces are fighting a desperate rearguard battle against the government forces who outarm them considerably. The news reporter mentioned that the so called 'No Fly Zone' enforcers were nowhere to be seen so what is actually going on behind the scenes?

Politicians from all over the globe are now getting involved. Gaddafi has obviously called in favours from the African dictators but they received a hostile welcome in Benghazi. Moussa Koussa is clearly playing all ends against the middle and is being allowed to do so by William Hague when he should have been immediately detained on terrorist charges.

So what is happening? I would bet quite heavily that Hague has received his orders from the bankers. They cannot have the people winning a victory. Ghaddafi probably has support from the world powers. The rebels in eastern Libya are fighting an heroic struggle but they will not be allowed to succeed. The Political Class will fudge a result and we will have to watch Benghazi being wiped out. I really hope that I am wrong but we live in rotten times.

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