Thursday, 28 October 2010

The European Union...yet again!

Whenever David Cameron talks about the European Union he likes to give the impression that he is sceptical and that he will challenge the EU particularly with regard to our contributions. In reality I suspect that we have been, as usual, stitched up so that we will always have to ante up despite the obvious profligacy of all concerned with the EU.

How in hell did we sleepwalk into this nightmare where all the EU countries are cutting their budgets to meet the challenge of the banks and the EU blithely decides that they want to spend more? The MEPs are claiming ridiculous expenses as ever and the EU has become a byword for extravagance.

I will repeat yet again that they cannot be audited...the Commissioners (the only people with any real power) are unelected (like Cathy Ashton) and the MEPs have no real authority. The whole show is a charade. It is almost as if Moscow has been moved to Brussels and yet every one of our politicians cannot bring themselves to grant the British people a referendum on this farce.

The EU budget will continue to rise. Year after year we will pay more and more even though our own budget will have to decrease. Someday, one day, we will have to refuse to pay. It has to happen because we the British will not sacrifice our families for a political cause. Sooner or later somebody will emerge to lead us out of the EU and I sure hope that it happens before I pass on.

Our politicians will one day have to decide what they want. We have been sadly let down by the Political Class but one day someone will realise that they have to give the public a referendum on the EU. Oh where is that person? What will they lose by asking the British public what they really want?

When will they spend our taxes on us? When will they consult us? When will they abide by their election promises? In short they cannot rule without our consent even though they are doing it. Remember the verbage of the last electoral contest. They did not mean a word of it. In other words they all lied and we let them lie. We have accepted that our politicians lie and because of that we now have the EU.

We deserve all we get!

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