Thursday, 2 July 2009

What is wrong with us?

There was a time when we English were famed for our democracy, our stubbornness and our bravery in the face of adversity. The English of the pre-nineteen seventies routinely faced dangers and trouble with a fortitude that the rest of the world admired.

Today we are regarded as a destroyed, weakened, population who are ripe to be plucked by anyone who wants to enter the country and grab what they can. We are so cowed, so browbeaten and so downtrodden that we no longer protest about anything. This has happened basically in the last 12 years since the NoLab bunch arrived claiming (as they still do) to be the party of the people.

What happens when people to take to the streets is obvious. First of all they are 'kettled' that means imprisoned on the streets and then if you refuse to be 'kettled' you can be killed. I suppose that would deter most of us.

The aristocracy who we used to turn to for leadership, have almost all disappeared onto their estates. They last protested en masse for their right to hunt where many of them got their heads bashed in by the police. Royalty have long since ceased to do anything bar making the wrong type of headlines and the Forces have been neutered by their continued presence in some weird war in Afghanistan where so many are valiantly losing their lives.

The blog 'Old Holborn' draws everone's attention to what we should be doing and what we could be doing. The blog rightly states that 642 MPs are keeping us all in almost slavery. They steal from us and they ignore us and yet we do not challenge the obvious! They allow minority groups to form racist bodies which we indigenous English cannot join or oppose. The BNP are berated for saying that they will only accept white people into their organisation and I agree with that. There are many people who have been living in Britain for years and are grandparents who are black, brown or sky blue link shot with a carrot but they still deserve a voice.

We still do not have a cohesive immigration policy. That is madness! The economy is in meltdown and yet Gordon Brown burbles away about things that are actually inconsequential. We all know that the reason that we are in so much debt are the policies of NoLab and Gordon Brown in particular.

We all know that I could go on and on (and probably will at a later date) but the question I would like to leave you on is ...what do we do with our children? Currently we are not allowed to chastise them, punish them, threaten them, smack them or in any way be parents or grandparents. So what do the great and the good do with the consequences of their so called policies and actions?

What is wrong with us and where do we go next?

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