Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter Weather

Let's face it this is not really severe weather. It is however an excuse not to go to work and not to continue essential services. This excuse is being perpetuated by the News Media who seem to encourage people to stay at home. It also highlights the woeful driving skills and woeful lack of common sense of our drivers.

Tonight I went out to fetch my wife from work because she has been conditioned to expect that she cannot drive when there is a few inches of snow on the ground. The conditions were such that one had to take care but they were hardly difficult. I mean the main roads did not even have a covering of snow.

For many years I lived close to the old inner German border in the eighties and I regularly had to travel 25 kilometres from home to work along roads which were solid snow and ice. Nothing stopped, nothing much hardly slowed down because everyone had learned to cope. This nation has become a nation of wimps. How can schools close down, trains cease to operate, tubes not operate on time and even airports introduce a limited service? It is a nonsense and has to be exposed as such.

Driving on ice and snow is simple. Use the highest gear possible to reduce the revving, double your breaking distance and no sudden actions. Give yourself distance and time because other than that you can proceed as normal... honest it is not dangerous!!

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