Saturday, 13 February 2010

Back to the BNP?

Jeff Randall has written a brilliant article on what Gordon Brown has not done for Britain since NoLab arrived in power. He has stripped away all the nonsense and backed up his arguments with statistics from all around the world. He writes for the Daily Telegraph and the online version has so far attracted 389 comments.

Unlike those who attach themselves to the likes of Guido Fawkes these comments are well constructed, do not contain bad language and mirror what the educated public are angry about. Some of the names that Gordon Brown has earned by his actions are downright genius.

It is clear that most of us believe that David Cameron is somehow, somewhere linked to Gordon Brown. He is passing up open goal after open goal and seems content to sit and allow Brown to pour scorn on his party. His imposition of blonde bimbos from London onto constituency parties instead of the best candidates is also causing concern. This is also very NoLab and why the hell the constituency parties are not rebelling is a mystery to me.

Comment after comment on Randall's article referred to the alliance of all three Westmonster parties when it came to the prevention of a referendum on the EU. Many of us believe that this is the crucial political issue of modern times. UKIP are dismissed by many as being too light weight to affect change so what have we got left?

I come back to the BNP that I covered extensively during the local elections last year. I have always had reservations about their leadership but unlike many of the critics I keep an eye on their website. I hold my hands up about the race issues. The beliefs of the leadership are frankly outmoded and out of place in this modern world. We can't turn the clock back. However, their policies on immigration, education, health, the EU and almost everything else are also my beliefs.

Immigrants must earn the right to equal status with the indigenous population. we must ensure that the mass immigration does not affect our children and the NHS. We must have a fair system and I have yet to see anyone in Westmonster implementing it.

So what is everyone scared of? Frankly We know what Nick Griffin believes but I for one do not know what David Cameron believes. Could Nick Griffin ever do more damage than Gordon Brown? I don't think so. I know that I am banging my head against a brick wall but for people who have lost all faith in Westmonster and the EU like me it could still end up the ONLY alternative which is a helluva indictment of the state of our political system.

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