Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

I find it difficult to believe that the Clerk who looks after the expenses claimed by members of the House of Lords (Michael Pownall) has discovered reasons to permit them to waltz off with vast sums of money by declaring houses outside of London as their primary residence.

There have been comments on some of the most influential blogs that really illustrate that these peers, most of them NoLab peers you won't be surprised to learn, have been shamefully lying to their faithful clerk. An anonymous comment has 'outed' Lord Colwyn by announcing that he has been a lucrative dental practice in Wimpole Street and has lived close by for 40 years or so. He has apparently only bought his primary residence in the Cotswolds quite recently.

Surely, surely that has to be investigated? If it isn't the public confidence in the peers, most of whom were created by NoLab to shake up the House of Lords, will vanish altogether. It is nauseating!

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bewick said...

No opportunity at the end of your Prime Ministers Questions item to post a comment.
Yes you are quite right. Prime Ministers Questions is a total farce and Cameron really SHOULD walk out.
Have you noticed though that Brown has, for a few weeks, adopted a very concilliatory tone towards Nick Clegg.
He is clearly anticipating a hung Parliament and looking for Liberal support. Clegg is though giving nothing away and still attacks. Nice one.