Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Staffordshire Hospital

Yesterday my mother broke her hip! She is 93 and in recent weeks we have spent a lot of time visiting her in hospital following her first fall. That first fall broke a small pelvic bone but this one is much more significant. We will just have to wait and see but in modern Britain every visit for us is now a 26 mile return trip and today we had a 35 minute wait in a queue to enter the Leicester Royal Infirmary car park. Anyone who lives in Leicestershire is probably aware of the terrors of Havelock Street!

Despite this when we arrived in the hospital my mother received good treatment. The LRI, as it known locally, is actually very high tech. One has to learn to use the lifts, the toilets and almost everything else! Even so it is a good hospital which appears to contrast sharply with the Stafford hospital which has done so much harm to so many.

In the case of the hospital in Stafford as usual this government and Common Purpose continue to excuse, protect, camouflage and obfuscate the dreadful events which have killed so many people in this horrific hospital. The government continue, in their usual manner, to deny that their targets were responsible for the deaths of the patients. Inevitably the cover up is making the original crimes even worse but the pressure is building.

So many people died due to the incompetence of the Common Purpose appointees that it has become a major scandal. There is now a pressure group demanding answers which I doubt if this government can provide. The problem for the government is that they have squandered so much public money on their various quangos, trusts and committees that when things go wrong like they did at Stafford people start asking serious questions.

There are so many questions linked to the perforamnce of this Staffordshire Hospital that everyone linked to it must answer questions. Not just the management, but the Nurses Union, the matrons, the sisters, the administrators but most of all Andy Burnham who apparently signed this hospital off as being competent at one stage.

If ever there was a need for an open, public enquiry this is the example but typically the government is on the cover up trail. This is purely down to the existence of Common Purpose because the normal person in the street does not understand what has happened.

Common Purpose was born to recruit and encourage handpicked, vulnerable, young people who would without prejudice slavishly carry out the NoLab doctrine ensuring that their targets would be met. This means that young, inexperienced people who suddenly would find themselves in positions of high power and high salary which would ensure their loyalty.

Just one problem... most of them have little experience and little knowledge. Thus we are continually being faced with deaths because the people who could have prevented those deaths have been corrupted and used to protect a political ideal.

The Stafford Hospital embodies everything that is wrong about the New Labour Project. The Trust, the Quangos, the Committees must have known that life on the wards was hell, to the point of almost murder, but for their own ends they ignored the plight of the patients.

This sums up the New Labour Project!

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