Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Bullying Argument!

Anyone looking at Gordon Brown and looking at his advisors, his history, his mates and his character will recognise a bully. Anyone who has had any dealing with Trade Unions will know all about bullying. Anyone looking at the character of Gordon Brown knows exactly what he has done and who he is.

He is the arch bully, the person who was never elected to the position of Prime Minister because nobody dared to oppose him. He employed a personal staff of people like Damien McBride, Charlie Whelan and 'Dolly' Galloway just to smeer any opposition. People like David Miliband thought that they could challenge him but then realised that they could be threatened.

The bottom line is that Gorgon Brown has bullied and threatened his way to unelected power so don't expect any difference of policy. He is a very, very, dreadful person and his whole backgound is bullying because that is the NoLab way. They bullied their way to power so do not be surprised that this paramount bully dragged a mere secretary off her chair!

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