Thursday, 18 February 2010

Have we really gone mad?

Peter Blake was such a dangerous criminal that someone decided that he should have a trial without jurors. The threat was so great that the so called justice system decided to dispense with a jury so that witnesses would not be threatened! This sounds like a Jack Straw ploy to jigger up the justice system...but read on.

Peter Blake was given bail!! This so dangerous criminal, so dangerous that he could not be trialled by jury was given bail. What the bloody hell is happening to our country? Then can you believe, he was allowed to wander around the court area to such an extent that he walks away from his own trial!

Can you really believe that this is the depths to which we have descended? The walkout of Peter Blake exposes the total lack of credibility of our justice system. Really can you credit that anything run by Jack Straw could be so feeble? Well of course we can. He has always had an agenda which contradicts everything that the British people believe in. Jack Straw is so bad that he has to have an agenda which is anti British. He is probably the modern day equivalent of Kim Philby or Guy Burgess.

The problem is that he is the Justice Minister when he should be the lack of Justice Minister. How will he explain away the disapperance of Peter Blake? Simple he won't, he won't even address it because nobody will question him. Our politicians are all in the same boat. I am afraid that unless we the public are prepared to descend on London,take control of our future and throw Brown, Straw and all the other crooks into the Thames then we will just get more of this utter nonsense.

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