Sunday, 7 February 2010

How low can they sink?

We had Alistair Campbell on the Andrew Marr show this morning trying to appear upset. I think that he now realises that nobody believes a word that he says but he must now continue to follow his chosen path. The Chilcott Enquiry has not done a great deal but it has exposed him and Tony Blair for what they are.

The one thing that did interest me was that he was back on board the NoLab bandwagon for the election. Brown has had to bring him back and I wondered what headline catching stunt Campbell would pull to woo the voters back to Gordon. I already knew that he had arranged for Gordon to go on the Piers Morgan gig (Morgan for some unaccountable reason is a fan).

Then I read today that Piers got the PM onto very personal issues which made him weep (the PM that is!). Now I can think of very few more repulsive sights than a weeping Gordon Brown. Apparently Piers even had Sarah Brown crying in the audience! I tell you what Alistair Campbell is some sadistic performer. What a nauseous stunt!

Gordon Brown is one of the most manipulative performers of his generation. His whole life has been built around his ability to connive, bully, plot and outwit political opponents. If he had a soul he long since lost it and that is why I cannot view this as anything other than yet another political performance prior to the election. It is however a very low form of politics. Any normal, sane, individual who does not depend on NoLab for his/her living or who does not require a benefit cheque or who is just grateful for our non existant immigration laws will never vote for this horrendous PM.

To bring into public, their private grief in order to gain votes, is probably as low as any of them can get. It is however typical Campbell and should be viewed as such. Yuck!!!

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