Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Family is good....

Viewing the opinions of people it seems clear that 'family is good' has got to be the election slogan. It is clear that David Cameron has alienated many conservatives who do not
want him as their leader. After all being Conservative actually means being conservative! Strange that so many conservative supporters cannot align themselves with David Cameron.

The problem is that David Cameron is so similar to Tony Blair. He is a smooth operator who is a good orator and frankly his ambitions are very similar. They are both huge supporters of the European Union which makes him a suspect. A natural Conservative supporter cannot contemplate the European Union because it is a socialist organisation.

The fact that David Cameron is standing as a leader of a Conservative party and supporter of the European Union is contradictory. He has been bought by the EU and the public are not that stupid. Everyone knows that Cameron is not genuine. He is a stooge who has been bought and paid for. The genuine conservative realises what has happened. Similarly the genuine Labour supporter also realises that he/she has been short changed because NoLab has abandoned their traditional support.

The commissioners who run the EU, people like Cathy Ashton, are unelected. The elected EU MPs have really no power. They cost us £38 million per day but they have no power. The only power brokers in the EU are the commissioners and I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that they are all committed socialists. Moscow has been moved to Brussels and we all know it but not everybody recognises it.

The ugly fact that we must all contemplate is that the only political party who will represent the views of the British public in general are the BNP. It has come to that! I personally feel that Nick Griffin should be replaced because he is such a repulsive leader (even though he is very courageous). It is time for the BNP to unearth a charismatic candidate who would wow the electorate ... but have they got one?

Heh if they find one then the next election could be sensational. If one high profile character has the courage to emerge from the shadows he/she could end up as Prime Minister because we all all looking for a saviour! We need to leave both the EU and Afghanistan because we cannot afford the drain on our resources.

If we left the bankers to run the world then we could concentrate on our own people.
Think what we would have if we did not bother about the rest of the world. Our days of colonisation have long since gone. We should pull the drawbridge up and say sod 'em all. We have so much going for us that we don't need the crap that surrounds us!

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