Monday, 22 February 2010

The mentally ill dog handler ...

I have rarely heard of a more shocking case than that of PC Mark Johnson who apparently left his two dogs to suffer immeasurably for seven hours because he became distracted by paperwork.

If PC Johnson was so 'stressed out' as he claims, what on earth was he doing in charge of two animals? What were his bosses thinking of allowing him to come to work in that condition? How come nobody saw these animals in seven hours? Nottinghamshire Constabulary have an awful reputation and have already been under investigation but this takes the cake.

This is a police dog handler who has spent the whole of his shift doing paper work instead of protecting the public with his two dogs. According to the medical report he wasn't fit for duty but to be in such s state so that you leave two animals for seven hours without food or water enclosed in a car in thirty degrees of heat...well that is so sick it is unimaginable.

No doubt he will be 'protected' and get some meaningless punishment but I know what I would like to do with the prat! He is definitely not fit for purpose...any purpose!!

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