Thursday, 18 February 2010

Local Government...what CAN we afford?

As this pathetically incompetent government staggers like a drunken man towards an election that that they are being forced to hold local government councils all over the country are cutting back on services.

Even though council tax continues to rocket plans are being made ready here in the East Midlands to sack thousands of staff. Every other public service is being scaled down particularly care for the elderly. Roads are desperately in need of repair and everywhere one looks there is sign of town centre decay.

We are paying the price of a decade of politically correct nonsense where non-jobs with nebulous titles were created to give NoLab supporters overpaid, overhyped positions which have wrecked the local government economy all over Britain. Heads of Department were allowed to fix their own going rate and weak kneed councillors have allowed them to do it. This has led to County Councils like Leicestershire employing at least nine individuals on better pay than the Prime Minister!

Then just prior to the election NoLab come out with a soundbyte 'Protecting Front Line Services'. Now these people have thought up some howlers in their time but how can they claim that they will protect front line services when they have spent over a decade ruining them!

Local authorities have got to rid themselves of the troughers, the non-jobs and the petty politics. This will be essential by whoever succeeds NoLab. Mind you the electorate is in such a state of confusion that we might just get them back again. I don't really think that I could stand seeing Gordon the Moron back in Downing Street. It is my worst nightmare!

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