Thursday, 4 February 2010

Leicestershire Partnership Trust

I have no idea what Leicestershire Partnership Trust does and who belongs to it but it is typically NoLab and no doubt all the people who are involved have been vetted by organisations like Common Purpose so that none of them will rock the boat. In other words they are party loyalists who ensure that government edicts are implemented.

So when the most vulnerable in our society require attention and protection they actually don't give a stuff because that is how they got their jobs! Why should they because they have already sold their soul to the devil.

Joanne Butler who lived in Earl Shilton was very vulnerable and was murdered by a neighbour despite repeated calls for assistance. She was abandoned by the Leicestershire Partnership Trust and the police. Once again the Leicestershire police are totally culpable because they think that they can ignore calls from the vulnerable. They don't care and neither does the Leicestershire Partnership Trust because nobody will hold them to account and they know it.

Once again this is a disgraceful case where the very vulnerable, those people who are this category and need the Police to protect them have been abandoned.

It is a scandal! Leicestershire Partnership Trust is a scandal! It does not affect me because I can look after myself. I do not have physical or mental problems (YET!)but if you are unable to fend for yourself then you will be abandoned by both the police and the NHS trust. I will be OK because I can fend for myself and I have a strong family who will look after me but that is not the question.

The question is that when this poor person was desperate for assistance, so desperate that she was heard screaming down the phone, nobody helped her. She was desperate and she was murdered so what does that tell us about our political system today? The police refused to attend because she was not important. If that call had been from Keith Vaz then we all know the response

This has to be addressed! The lowest of the low, those people who desperately need the assisatnce of government and the police, not the criminal, not the streetwise, but the really poor, the most vulnerable in our society have been abandoned by the very people who were elected to protect them!

This is NoLab in know the party of the people! The Labour party whioh was formed by Keir Hardie to represent the working class and ended up with Gordon Brown and the body of Joanne Butler. If he had any shame he would drink the whisky and point the pistol but we all know that he has no shame. Gordon Brown has fulfilled his personal ambitions and we have all paid for it.

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