Thursday, 11 February 2010

Is it all unravelling?

The Euro is in trouble because many of the countries who joined the EU did it out of desperation. Many of their people were told that when they joined the EU the UK would provide them with pensions. In Spain where my mate lives I see motorways being built in rural areas courtesy of our money.

So the governments of countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and have decided that they will spend like hell because the EU, in the shape of countries like the UK, France and Germany would pick up the bill! Now is the reckoning and thankfully we are not part of the Euro. I cannot believe that Gordon Brown kept us out of this scandal.

Everything that this man has done has been detrimental to this country and yet he kept us out of the Euro! That I do not understand because Gorgon Brown is an arch villain. Perhaps he thought that this would be one step too far for the British people. He has never shown any courage when the going got tough and perhaps he flinched when faced with a genuine challenge.

Nevertheless we are well out of it unless Gordon flinches one more time and backs up Germany and France when they have to bail out the weaker countries! His record indicates that he will throw British money at any project which is destined to fail. Our PM is not our friend and never will be.

The great benefit is that Germany and France are now being really exposed to the great EU fraud. Their citizens will not want to bail out these weak governments. The EU is a political fraud! It always has been because it is a Socialist scandal. Thankfully it is all unravelling and we are at present not involved. Do not believe for a moment that this government will not throw our money at the Greeks! They will do it because Gordon hates us trust me!

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