Friday, 26 February 2010

David Cameron

The Tories are wondering why they only have a single figure lead in the upcoming election polls. Well today the lead letter in the Daily Mail written by a former Tory MP in the Thatcher years explained why. It encapulated everything that I feel about David Cameron and so I make no apology for quoting from it.

"....revelations of Cameron's stealth plan to ignore local constituency views and impose gays, immigrants and all-women shortlists if he can get away with it. In addition there is his rejection of grammar schools, his U-turn on the Lisbon Treaty, his continuing weasel words on all matters European and his metro-liberalism

He expresses no policy or initiative to restore common sense to political correctness in areas such as health and safety, child protection and freedom of association. He makes no effort to defend Christian values."

The letter continued at length but this is what concerns me. Cameron has never mentioned the disbanding of Common Purpose the mystery body that seems to recruit all the government's political lackeys. He continually tries to impose his views on the party in general and the more I look at him the more he is morphing into Tony Blair.

This country has had enough of spin, lies and deceit. Anyone supporting the evil EU, as Cameron does, must realise that the British public want a referendum. Actually sod the referendum, most of us want to get back to common sense and that means outright rejection of the sick EU nonsense.

So Mr Cameron that is why you now only have a single figure election poll lead. You have been rumbled by the thinking public. You might even let Gordon Brown back in again unless you return to traditional Conservative values. You have been warned!

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