Sunday, 14 February 2010


Oh my gawd here I go again! Today the BNP have been forced to admit non whites into their ranks and so according to Nick Griffin they can no longer be called racists. I am sorry Nick but you were forced into this position when you should have realised that very many of our second and third generation immigrants actually agree with your manifesto!

In this modern world the colour of one's skin has frankly little relevance and now the BNP has been forced to admit poeple who have a different ethnicity from the original indigenous population we may now get a challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership. You see the BNP have, believe it or not, the same values as many of the people that they have traditionally tried to exclude.

Many of the original so called ethnic minorities came to the UK fully believing in the Queen and country and have never understood the impact of the EU. These original non white immigrants are as horrified as we are about the impact of the NoLab and its slavish obsession with the EU. They, like us, have not welcomed the Somalis, the Afghans the Iragis, the Iranians, the Algerians, the....well mass immigration was a creation of NoLab and they have objected to it as much as we have objected to it.

The problem has been that the British National Party has excluded them until today! Now they can join! I wonder how many of them will have the courage to apply. My bet is that someone will say b*****cks I will try and unite them. This could be a watershed in modern politics.

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