Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Local Government scandal ...

We all pay such high Council Tax that it is beyond comprehension that almost every council in the land cannot afford to fund what the taxpayers need. We desperately need care homes for the elderly, education for the kids, libraries, decent roads and hygienic, organised waste collection. The list continues and yet we are continually informed that Councils cannot afford almost anything.

The question I ask is Why? If they are competent financially then any council can fund the essential services unless...someone is taking too much out of the system. That is the crux of the matter. Somebody is taking too much out of the system and they are almost all Chief Officer and Councillors!

The salaries and expenses of local councillors and chief officers has gone through the roof in recent years. It would appear that, like everything else, under NoLab we throw huge amounts of money at the problems that we have but nobody monitors what happens to the money.

This is the scandal. Councillors and Chief Officers are taking far, far, too much out of the limited pot and the next government has to curb their excesses. The scandal is once again that Westmonster has been exposed for their greed and the next government has to expose the Local Government 'troughers' just like Heather Brooks exposed the Westmonsters!

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