Thursday, 4 February 2010

Who can we trust today...?

There was a discussion on The Daily Politics this lunchtime which focused on those MPs who have abused their expenses system (most of them!). During the discussion it was opined that if people lose faith in government (If?) and don't trust the bankers then the country could face a problematic future.

It made me think because it is true that the public in general almost despise most MPs. We cannot trust a banking system where personal greed has replaced moral suthority. Here in Leicestershire the police authority has just been financially capped and rarely responds to cries of help from the public.

This is coupled with the justice system which regularly rewards the criminal fraternity and punishes the victims. The CPS appears to have its own sense of values which tend to be political rather than practical. Take the one case of Pete Doherty who has so many convictions for drug related offences and yet never seems to come close to a prison!

I must admit that once again here in Leicestershire the NHS appears to cope quite well but for almost ten years now people have been dying in shocking conditions at hospitals elsewhere. Similarly the teaching profession has had to bow to the weight of government intervention and the tales linked to student finance are farcical.

Care homes are closing every day, highways display huge holes following the recent snow, motorways are routinely jammed because the cost of rail travel is ridiculous, we are humiliated at airports, illegal immigration continues unabated and nobody tackles the huge cost of benefit Britain.

The mentally ill roam the streets where they are free to kill and maim and gangs of kids are poised everywhere on our defenceless street ready to pounce on anyone who objects to their coarse behaviour. Yes I know I have banged on too much but then we come back to the original question...who can we trust?

I read a comment on a blog today where the author said that he/she would have to hold their nose as they voted Tory just because we had to get rid of Gordon Brown.
That may be true but I have yet to hear the Tories answer to any of the above problems. If they have plans to change the face of Britain I hope they tell us before the election.

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