Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Alliance for Democracy

The determination of the mainstream media and the BBC to perpetuate the Punch and Judy politics of Westmonster will never be more emphasised by the emergence of a new political grouping in this country. The Alliance for Democracy was formed last year and is currently preparing to fight the next election.

This Alliance is a grouping of four fringe parties in an attempt to pull the country out of the mess that our major political parties have left us in. The four parties are The EnglishDemocrate, The Jury Team, The Christian Party and Veritas. Their policies address the major problems of our time, Europe, Immigration and the economy. Unlike our major parties who don't seem to have a clue they have set clear guidelines about the future.

They are currently searching for prospective candidates and I just hope that they recruit sufficient to make an impact. This is the initiative that so many of us have been searching for and it merits our support. This is probably why I have seen nothing of this in the MSM.

I just have one reservation. There is no mention of who is behind them, who are the people with such foresight. I do like to know who I am climbing into bed with!

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