Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hollie a 'D' Notice!

This case is generating momentum in the Blogosphere probably because it is so utterly shocking. Twenty names are now in the public arena and what is extraordinary is that they all appear to be senior ranking people most of them in public life. What I also find revolting is that there are so many women involved.

The legal aide for Hollie and Anne Greig who was arrested in Aberdeen, Robert Green, has now had his case of Breach of the Peace' heard 'In Camera'. That seems a bit over the top even though it was clearly a trumped up charge as he had actually not left his B&B so why not hold the case in public? I now read that the whole scenario has had a 'D' Notice placed on it so that it cannot be discussed by the mainstream media. Now I always thought that the purpose of a 'D' Notice was to protect matters of National Security.

It would appear that someone somewhere is panicking and by their very actions are implicating a cover up. If I was on the list that I read and had been accused of these utterly heinous crimes then the last thing I would want is a 'D' Notice slapped on me. I would be screaming blue murder that I was innocent and demanding an enquiry but then I am not a Scottish Sheriff.

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