Saturday, 6 February 2010

Endemic Corruption!

The wife of Robin Cook wrote a poignant article in the Mail on Sunday today praising her ex-husband even though he left her for a younger model. He was of course the only member of the government who had the guts to resign in the face of the Blair onslaught which led us tio the war in Iraq.

He then tragically died from a heart attack just when we needed him. It has become quite clear now that we have,during the past 12 years been in the hands of political villains. This has been created by the malign European Union and has been extended by NoLab to encompass everything that we hold dear. It has recently been reported that the EU is a financial disaster despite us pouring all our resources into it.

You see the socialists, the ideologists, those who only concentrate on politics as opposed to business and practicalities, have usurped the EU. They are now able to distribute our wealth to those countries who are frankly useless. It is an attempt to impoverish western Europe. Somebody is playing silly games with our society and people like the utterly ridiculous Harriet Harman is doing their bidding.

We must clear out this worthless rubbish at the next election. As I have blogged continually for the past two years the England that we have so complacently accepted as being inviolate has been invaded and conquered! We have given up our freedom, the freedom which our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought so hard to retain has been given away by Gordon Brown and the public have accepted it without a whimper.

No marches, no demonstrations, no protests not a bullet fired in protest. This gutless, useless, neutered generation just drop their knickers and pretend that Gorgon Brown is a decent man. This so called, son of the manse, has habitually corrupted government to such an extent that he almost makes Blair look good.

However between them they have brought a level of corruption which has pervaded the whole country for years. Everywhere at all levels we have endemic corruption brought about by the NoLab plan to rule everything everywhere. They set out to recruit incompetent loyalists who would accept heaps of money to deliver their message
and destroy the country.

Consequently we now have corruption to such an extent that I will not be able to trust our next election. The postal voting system introduced by Prescott is open to abuse and how can those that are newly arrived manage to qualify for our election process. It mystifies me how can someone from Somalia can vote for a system which they do not understand!!

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