Saturday, 20 February 2010

What makes you mad enough to react?

I was just thinking this afternoon about the reaction of the average Englishman to the loss of his actual freedom. Not so much of his freedom but the lack of freedom for his children and grandchildren. Over the years we have accepted all the government nonsense uncomplainingly with such subservience that our children and grandchildren have been horrendously punished.

Look at my darling girls...because my generation was not prepared to challenge authority and face down the idiots who have been allowed to change the face of the country they cannot play outside of their house. They cannot go alone to play areas. We dare not let them paddle in the local brook. They have absolutely no freedom whatsoever and then we complain that they become obese!

The reason that our kids are obese is that Gorgon Brown and his cohorts have systematically destroyed their freedom to roam. We have failed completely to make our streets safe and that is the worst indictment of NoLab and their followers.

So I come back to the original question... when are YOU going to react? Who is left to organise for example a march on Downing Street by pensioners? If a million pensioners were organised to march on London and bring the capital to a halt it would concentrate the minds of the government. What could the gestapo do to the pensioners? How would they cope with the pictures around the world of the little old ladies getting batoned by the bully boys.

We need a 'Grey Army' because we have the time, we have the responsibilty, the intelligence, the organisation and the desire. Just think if the bankers cannot even get to their banks? If the government cannot even cross London? If our ladies sat knitting in the middle of Westminster Bridge?

Oops I have just fallen asleep and woken up...I just had the most extraordinary dream! You will never guess what it was about..if you contact me I will tell you but you will probably be very bored! Bring your knitting!

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