Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Secret Account

The NoLab politicians are normally as slippery as eels but Peter Watts who was formerly the secretary of the NoLab party has actually invaded the private space of Gordon Brown. It would appear, according to the book written by Peter Watts, that Gordon Brown had a private fund for his own personal use which he has never declared.

Now he has questions to answer. It would appear that he did have a fund for his personal use. I think that the walls are closing in on Gordon Brown. He has always been a deeply political animal who has his own agenda. He was clearly unsuitable for the job of Prime Minister but continued to plot against Tony Blair with the help of his former marxist syupporters so that this unacceptable man gained the highest office in the land thanks to Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown has presided over the most inglorious period in our political history. He is actually useless but the real problem is the ineptitude of the backbench MPs who sit every day in parliament and never challenge this total incompetent. My own MP is one of them!