Monday, 1 February 2010

Education Cuts!

Well at last we are seeing some common sense in our education system. The Blair Project of pushing unsuitable candidates into university education by reducing standards and making higher education accessible to youngsters who were patently unsuitable for it.

Of course it also kept them off the unemployment register for a few years but what the hell! NoLab have never supported the young. They have contributed to the demise of young people by reducing standards of education and thus forcing many of them into the benefit system. The much vaunted British education system has been systematically wrecked by a marxist cartel who have, brick by brick, dismantled what was once such a good system that kids who lived in Council houses had an opportunity to go to Oxford and Cambridge.

When I was educated I sat the 11+ which successfully separated the academic from the practical. The academic then set out on a course which would equip them for office work/university and the practical headed for the plumbing, mechanical and building jobs.

In the nineteen seventies the 'leftie/trendy' educationalists decided that they knew best and what was once a successful education system has ever since been wrecked. Today we have kids who are so ignorant that all they can do is blot out their pain with drugs and booze. We have now had 12 years of NoLab rule and nothing has changed! Nothing has been done to even try and reverse the change which destroys young lives.

What worries me is that I have heard nothing from the Tories to reverse the trend. Education should be a priority...Tony Blair said it but of course he never meant it like he never meant anything. If we don't try and educate kids from the lowest echelons of society then they don't stand any chance of getting out of the gutter. Some of them are capable and should be given the chance. I came from a council estate but my grammar school education (even though I didn't fulfil my potential) has made me employable throughout my life.

Our Education system is an indictment on our society. Today the children of married or committed parents often have a huge advantage over the single parent kids. It has to change. It is unfair that kids with supportive parents who have access to computers like my little ones should have an advantage over kids who cannot access the technical aids of the modern world.

Ed Balls has done absolutely nothing to address this problem. Frankly he is a monster who has to be removed from office even though that is another point. I want to hear from the Tories on education. We must bring back the old style grammar schools. The people who rightly are not academic can then train for the practical jobs that they are suitable for. The Blair Project of university education for 50% of our kids was ridiculous like so, so many of his beliefs!

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