Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hollie Greig

The'Old Holborn' blog broke a story today which really needs airing. It is extremely sensitive and Old Holborn has already been threatened with an injunction which I believe he is ignoring. The case involves a young Downs syndrome girl who apparently was systematically sexually abused by her father and brother from an early age.

The details of this case are now all over the Internet. It blew up because an English journalist, Robert Green, took up the case on behalf of Hollie and her mother Ann but when he visited Aberdeen (the scene of the alleged abuse) he was arrested by local police and accused of Breach of the Peace. He has apparently since been released on bail but under stringent conditions.

However, the real scandal of this case is the lack of action from the Grampian police, the Grampian Legal Departments and the Grampian Social Services. In addition this case has been referred all the way up to Alex Salmond (Leader of the Scottish Parliament) and has been greeted with a wall of silence.

The reason for this could well be that when Hollie's mother Ann initially discovered the extent of the abuse on her daughter; Hollie told her that she had been abused by 14 others and named them. It would appear that amongst them were very prominent members of Aberdeenshire society including members of the police, the Political Class and the legal and social service authorities.

I do not have time to review the whole rotten process so I recommend you google it. I detect an unholy scandal emerging because it would appear that the Grampian police will go to huge lengths to suppress any review of this case. My final thought is that surely there is an honest MP somewhere at Holyrood or Westmonster who will take this case up and demand answers? Who is scared of what?

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