Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Next Election

What do we do? Who can we trust? Politics in the home of democracy has descended to an all time low. Every political party has been exposed to allegations of corruption and every day more and more sleaze emerges. It would appear that once you have become a member of the Political Class then you are exempt from the normal standards demanded by the law.

It would now appear that the law has been corrupted, the police have been corrupted, politics have been corrupted and there is actually nothing in which we can place our trust. Once you have been identified as being open to bribery, open to corruption and plain greedy then you join the ranks of the untouchable (Commom Purpose will do that). Once you have souled your soul to the devil then you will prosper and be protected no matter what you do.

The mainstream politicians, the mainstream press, the European Union and in particular the rogues of Westmonster are perpetuating the corruption in society. They have introduced the endemic corruption of our democratic way of life. They have intentionally welcomed an alien Muslim population into our Christian society in order to destabalise our society. It is quite extraordinary how complacent we are in this country.

We have allowed people to invade this country without a shot being fired. We have committed our brave lads to a war which frankly is unwinnable. Everyone admits that this war could continue for ever and it will always tie up our troops. Nice one... that means the British army cannot ever get involved in any form of protection for the people who need their protection/support.

What has happened to us? I tell you what has happened to us... we became complacent. We trusted our politicians. We ignored the warnings and now we have to live with the consequences of our apathy. We must now realise that our traditional views of our democratic system can no longer be trusted. If you value the future of our grandchildren then you MUST examine what is happening in this country. PLEASE forget the traditional parties because they are all in this together. We have one election to save our traditional way of life.

If we fail this one last chance then we will never get another one. The dice are stacked against us. Corruption in this country is so endemic, so paramount, almost so reversable that this may be the last election in this country to hold an honest election. I even think that we may already be in the hands of a corrupt election. We must all be aware that the officials in charge of the next election will be hand picked (they will fear for their overpaid jobs) and so there is a clear opportunity to fix results.

Time will tell but I did warn you!

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