Monday, 8 February 2010

Ali Desaei

At long last justice has caught up with arch villain Commander Ali Desaei after he was jailed for four years this afternoon. It has always amazed me that the officers at the top of the Black Police Officers Association were the very people who illustrated that we shouldn't have a Black Police Officers Association. Its very existence is contrary to all the tenets of British society.

If only half the stories about Commander Desaei, that have been printed in the mainstream media about this officer were true, then this prison sentence is long overdue.

Now the Home Office should be looking into the Black Police Officers Association and disbanding it because it is not and never should have been necessary. If there has been injustices against black police officers then they should be dealt with in exactly the same way as injustices against white police officers.

The arrest and detention of Desaei should act as a watershed and bring to an end any favouring of police officers of the grounds of the colour of their skin.

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