Wednesday, 10 February 2010

PM's Question Time a waste of time...

I have blogged it before but after watching Gordon Brown's performance at PM's Question Time I almost threw things at the screen. Week after week he is allowed to blatantly electioneer when he should be answering questions put to him by the opposition.

The Speaker spent the whole time shouting at people who were shouting at each other. What a disgrace to democracy! If he had an ounce of courage he would demand that Brown answered a question. If he won't answer a question the what is the point of it all?

By allowing Brown to have a free rein after Cameron has finished his permitted number of questions it brings the House into disrepute. Cameron is at a major disadvantage which is beginning to make him look very weak indeed. If he had an ounce of courage then he would begin next weeks proceedings by warning Brown that if he doesn't adhere to the spirit of the weekly Punch and Judy contest then the opposition will walk out.

That way the first time that Brown ducks a question (in other words the first question) and rants on about the Tories having no policies Cameron should just stand up, face the Speaker and just leave. His party should be primed to follow him and leave Gordon to face empty benches.

I think that would have a huge impact around the world and would mark Gordon out as an unstable and unsuitable Prime Minister. Of course he won't because the LabConLib grouping are all in the same Westmonster club. It is a nice thought though.


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