Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More apologies but no resignations!

Nottinghamshire police have long been under the spotlight for under achievement and incompetence. They are led by Chief Constable Julia Hodson who in police uniform looks like someone's granny and is obviously a product of the Common Purpose school of politically correct appointees. This woman in anybody's language is hardly a 'copper'. Her force has continually been criticised for poor performance.

Today she appeared in public in full uniform (what a travesty) apologising for the fact that her police force, despite knowing the danger that John and Joan Stirland faced from a local crime boss, failed to protect them!

I have had enough of these abject apologies from incompetent public officials long after the event has occurred. What we need are resignations! All of these incompetent Common Purpose appointees think that all they have to do is appear in public, apologise and continue as normal.

When people are being murdered that is insufficient!

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