Monday, 15 February 2010

Will the collapse of the Euro end the EU?

Reading between the lines the Euro is in trouble mainly thanks to the antics of the Greeks. It also has problems with the Portuguese, the Italians, the Spanish and the Irish but what did they expect? Most of these countries decided to enter the eurozone in order to operate at the expense of the French, Germans and the British. The problem is that the British government have sunk so much money into this socialist inspired conglomorate that we probably cannot bail out the Greeks. After all we have wars to fight, immigrants to reward and public servants to compensate!

If the euro collapses then what happens to the EU? Can it continue to operate when the common currency is valueless? In my opinion it will continue because it has been the brainchild of the bankers and the press barons. Our national sovereignty has long since disappeared but for some reason Gordon was allowed to retain the pound.

Something is wrong here because everything else has been imposed on us so why have people like the Rothschilds allowed us to keep the pound? Don't possibly believe that this was Gordon's decision. This man has long since sold his soul to the devil! Maybe the pound is a fallback position if the euro fails. I don't know but I suspect everything and I have good reason.

Politics in the UK is at an all time low. Most of us will never again vote for the Westmonster three because they do not represent us. I am currently disenfranchised because I cannot guarantee that my constituency will field a viable candidate. If someone does oppose the 'big three' then I may not agree with them but I will be forced to vote for them. Friends however remind me that if we don't vote Tory then the horrendous NoLab crew could get back in!

I cannot believe that and so I will vote with my conscience. I just hope that we all do!

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