Sunday, 21 February 2010

The English Defence League

Little did I know when compiling my last post that a significant event had happened which to my knowledge has not been reported anywhere in the mainstream media. The leaders of the English Defence League were arrested by police on their way to a a peaceful static meeting in Edinburgh. They were joining Scottish Defence League leaders to protest about the continuing Islamification of Britain,

Now I have no idea who these people are but at long last someone has moved onto the streets. Today their media people have issued a call for mobilisation to support the leadership when they have to appear on bail at Sheffield. These leaders had their houses raided by armed police and computer equipment seized! This is like living in a country which resembles a cross between East Germany and Zimbabwe. When did this country become a police state and what are the politicians in Westmonster doing about it?

From what I have heard of the EDL they plan to protest peacefully. There may however come a time when, if the police continue this heavy handed approach to people who do not agree with Gorgon Brown, that it could turn nasty. If it does then I believe that once the indigenous people have a flag to rally around they will rally like hell. There is a huge amount of frustration and anger in this country and there are a lot of able bodied young people out of work.

The next planned meetings for the EDL will take place in Luton and London on 5th March. I don't think that it is any coincidence that Luton is being targeted. I do not want to see my country fighting a civil war and I am much too old to join in with anything else other than my spirit but...let's face it Westmonster has encouraged a violent response and now so have the police.

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