Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The New World Order Explained

As a blogger I tend to zip around the blogosphere picking up tips and theories and the more I see the more that I learn. I then go out for a pint on a Friday night with my mates and I am sometimes surprised that none of them have a clue what is happening in the world. Without exception they generally believe the mainstream media and would not even contemplate that they are being treated with contempt.

They will believe the spin on all the catastrophic world events and never think that someone is probably telling them lies. The truth can normally be found on Youtube but most of my friends would not waste their time on 'conspiracy theories'.

Recently I found an article explaining the concept of the New World Order. In one article it debunks most of the myths peddled by the mainstream news barons and politicians. It explains what is behind the state of the world and what some people are trying to achieve.  It also describes the lengths that these people will go to to achieve their aims.  It really is worth some time although you may never believe anything you hear or read again!

Once you begin to question everything that you ever took for granted then you will find it difficult to believe anything that any government ever tells you. This explanation needs a wider audience.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately bryboy,that article is so badly written, I wouldn't believe a word of it even if I wanted to. I've also read alot of conspiracy theory stuff but am always left thinking, there's just not enough evidence to really nail it. And believe that's just what they are conspiracy theories. My common sense wont let me make that huge leap into the unknown.

bryboy said...

I respect that point of view anon. I take a different stance although I agree that it is a complex issue. I just think that we have so much sleaze surrounding us that could easily be solved by an honest and open government. The whole EU conspiracy for example is SO undemocratic that it is almost unreal and yet all our leading politicians support it. What does that say about our political leaders? Tks for your interest.