Thursday, 25 August 2011

CROWN v Crown!

I have just spent an hour listening to a Canadian explaining why we the British, the original home of democracy, have been duped by persons or people unknown. We have trundled on in our ignorance and apathy refusing to challenge anyone or anything and in the meantime certain parties have actually conquered our country.

Now hands up all those people who really believe that our legal system is headed by Her Majesty the Queen of England? Is she not the only authority under the Magna Carta and is she not the defender of Common Law? When we hear the terms the Crown Prosecution Service and Crown Prosecutor do we not all believe that this refers to the Queen?

Would you be surprised to learn that it does not refer to the Queen? It actually refers to the Crown Corporation of Inner London. In fact it probably transpires that Elizabeth Windsor (hereinafter called 'The Queen') did not sign the Treaty of Lisbon, which signed away our freedom to Europe. It was probably signed by the Crown Corporation of Inner London.

Please do not ask me who the Crown Corporation of Inner London actually are...but any regular visitor to this blog would actually hazard a guess at a certain banking family!
This Canadian advises that if we challenge the courts on their legality then we could sue them. Remember the attempts in February to arrest the judge in Birkenhead? The legal system in this country has been usurped and one final thing. When you come to cast a vote in the future then just remember that all of these mainstream politicians know what is happeniing. They are part of the fraud!

Wake up England!


Anonymous said...

The rabbit hole is deep Bryboy.

As George Carlin says in his vids on you tube. "Its their gang and you ai'nt in it"

The bar association of the world is in London. To get a idea of it, just go on wikipedia and type in, International bar association..

If your not in their fraternity your not allowed to play.

Lawyers dont ya just hate em.

Oh! Almost forgot, parliaments full of the arsewipes.


NewsboyCap said...


Scary stuff isn't it?, but, more and more people are finding out about this deception and eventually things will change.
There is much that we have to learn, as Morgan said. Woe unto you yee Lawyers.

bryboy said...

Tks for the follow ups guys. The more I read the more I learn. I haven't seen George Carlin so that is my next port of call. I just cannot believe that TPTB have subverted our democracy to the point of utter corruption. We are no longer a democratic country if this is going on!