Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tottenham, this the beginning?

Riots over fatal police shootingThe scenes being played out on the mainstream media is the result of the mass immigration programme which imported huge numbers of people and dumped them! Many of them cannot work in this country, many of them do not want to work in this country but now they are discovering that as a mob they have a voice.

It will increase. The police do not have the numbers to contain it. The army is effectively out of commission. So who is protecting you and I? Yeah you guessed it! If the local thugs get organised and realise the power of the mob then frankly there is nothing that any of us can do. We could of course import an armed European police force which would resemble the Stasi or the Gestapo but what do we care if they are protecting our property from the mob?

I believe that this has been the long term plan of the EU/Political Class/Bankers for some time. The riots in Tottenham are being orchestrated. It will spread and very soon this country will be in chaos. Then (somebody blow the bugle) the European Police Force will arrive, armed and dangerous and when that happens we will be as imprisoned as the East Germans used to be. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP!


Anonymous said...

Rioting is the voice of the ignored.

bryboy said...

I agree but sometimes we have to act ourselves to improve our lives. All we seem to hear from that quarter is 'give us support'. Stealing from their neighbours is not what is required. A work ethic is what is required and it is sadly missing from some communities

Anonymous said...

Charles Kennedy MP and the CIA
He was a Fulbright scholarship student at the University of Indiana, USofA.

Many Fulbright students are recruited to the CIA.
Google : CIA fulbright scholarship

In September 2007 Charles Kennedy was unanimously elected President of the European Movement in Britain.
The European Movement

bryboy said...

Now that is something that I didn't know. Is that why he drinks such a lot? Conscience bothering him? With our Political Class it is always wheels within wheels. I believe that we have a few 'Fulbrights' in this country!