Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Police ...yet again!!

Just when you think that it can't get any worse someone proves you wrong! The Mail on Sunday political correspondent has penned an exposure on the police credit card spree which I find inexcusable. Once again and I have touched on this before there appears to be a political plan to gorge themselves on public money.

Our Chancellor has on more than one accasion decreed 'that we are all in this together' but if that is true why is he allowing the police to spend money on credit cards largely on frivolous issues.. Who is monitoring this nonsense? I suppose the National Audit Office has also come under the wings of Common Purpose. After all three and a half million pounds is not chicken feed.

The Tories campaigned on many issues that the public felt strongly about but I personally can see very little difference in the social fabric of this country. Nothing has changed! So the only conclusion I can reach is that our politicians are actually just EU stooges put in place to con the public into believing that our parliament still matters.I don't know when the police were granted these credit cards but it falls in line with the rise of Common Purpose as a major power in the public services. Everything rotten stems from that organisation.

What concerns me most is that we have all these MPs? Surely some of them are honest, decent, family people? Why are they all just sitting there week after week and not contributing. Why will nobody talk about Common Purpose? Are they all so cowed and scared? It certainly would appear so.

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