Thursday, 11 August 2011

Surely Not?

Riots over fatal police shooting
Youtube is not always a nice place but it does give anyone access to events which the mainstream media fails to cover. The blogosphere also covers issues that remarkably the MSM misses for whatever reason.

I stumbled across this interview as I was trawling through various bits and pieces. There is also another clip of people witnessing a 16 year old girl being beaten by police but the language is hysterical and the evidence inconclusive.

Now some people are voicing the theory that these riots were started by the police. Earlier in the week they shot a young black man dead. In the atmosphere of mistrust that prevails in these government ghettos a group of people gathered outside a local police station demanding answers as to why this young man had been killed.

Police Officers left the station and paraded in front of the crowd. It was then that they apparently attacked the girl who had approached the police line. One can hear the anger in the second clip and of course the rest is history.

There are aspects of these riots that I find troublesome. The Met is the largest police force in Britain. For whatever reason they failed to get their act together for hours after the trouble began. Witnesses claim that they just stood and watched the looters for a lengthy period.  The police allege that their officers were not equipped or in some cases not trained to act. I just do not buy that. They are police officers. They have all been trained to stop crime. They chose not to and that means that someone in their ranks chose not to! I think questions should be asked of the most senior officers in the Met as to why their officers did not react and who ordered them to stand and watch. Of course the track record of the senior Met officers is particularly shameful  when action is demanded but this needs explaining.

It needs explaining because this evidence tends to reflect a chain of events which to put it mildly is not healthy. The ghetto population is particularly easy to inflame and a riot while all the politicians were on their hols was probably the most opportune moment.


SAB said...

Well Bry.. It was definately A GIRL!!! ... I can never trust You Tube what with all the editing software around these days, but there is definitely some interesting footage on there which asks a few questions. IT'S A GIRL!!

SAB said...

Having said that, being a lover of all things that suggest "conspiracy theory", it did if somewhat briefly cross my mind that it could have been orchestrated by the powers that be. (like 9/11)

bryboy said...

Hello SAB, tks for your continued interest.I have learned from long experience that the current Political Class cares not a jot for the public. They stand for election under whatever flag of convenience that suits them. The police have reneged on their responsibilities for years. They no longer protect the public. What has happened is that the underprivileged sub culture actually caught them all out. They proved that the police had deserted the streets and would not confront violence and they proved that our education system is a wreck in those communities that need proper education. The politicians want to be seen to crack down hard on the very same criminality that we have all been exposed to for years!