Sunday, 28 August 2011

Child Abuse!

I sometimes wonder why I continue to write this blog because frankly I know that I don't really make a difference but then every now and then I stumble across other blogs who are making a difference. I know many of the people who help to boost my stats and they are interested in what is going on but they don't have the time that I have to expose the shortcomings of the Political Class.

So today I came across a blog called EU Referendum, there are countless blogs on the blogosphere all of whom are trying to make a difference, and some really do. I have recently publicised the story of Norman Scarth which came from Captain Ranty who is fighting his own personal war against the authorities.

EU Referendum has highlighted the multiple cases of child abusers who are escaping jail sentences despite horrendous collections of child pornography. It is quite clear that something is afoot, something that is so sordid that I fear for the safety of our children. Our society is under attack from lawyers. They are deciding what is right and what is wrong but their definition of right is wrong. We do not have a voice because we are not on their team. Having said that I do want to highlight the agenda that this Political Class is accepting.

I just thought that you all ought to know what is happening. We should not be hiding away from this because it is important. Our children are being sexualised by these disgusting individuals and nobody seems to care! This is of course not the first time that I have blogged about this theme.

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Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for highlighting Norman's case again Bry.

We live in a sick nation. Perverts are let off, Lords who kill people while driving serve just 16 days in gaol, but show contempt for a court, and it's away you go.

Why do judges show so much compassion and understanding for those vermin that collect and make pornographic images of children?

What does that say about us as a race?

I am utterly disgusted by these scum. Judges are included in that description.