Monday, 8 August 2011

Well I have been telling you for three years....!

The lawlessness of the black/immigrant community is now coming home to roost. The inability of the police to cope with this lawlessness is coming home to roost. The absence of the British army is coming home to roost. We now have anarchy on the streets of London and it could easily spread. Remember the Metropolitan Police is the largest and best resourced police force in the country and they cannot defend the businesses of people in these ethnic communities.

We have pandered to these people for years. They have been given every advantage and this is how they repay their community leaders and the abject politicians. It is high time that it stopped. I have been reading the comments of people on other sites and it is clear that the indigenous English are becoming really angry. It takes a lot to make the apathetic English angry.

I see the police are repeating the oft heard mantra that 'they will not tolerate mindless violence'...but they HAVE tolerated it for far, far, too long and now they are paying the penalty. Where are the water cannons? Where are the rubber bullets? Where is the tear gas? It is high time that they began to threaten the rioters with lawful violence. These people are just laughing at the law and from the clips I have seen there is not a white face in sight!

But beware because I still believe that this could be a precursor for the introduction of an armed European police force into this country. Our police and our armed forces have been weakened year upon year and we are close to being unable to contain the violence. We do not want any excuse to introduce the EU Stasi or Gestapo. I really do not trust our Political Class.

The introduction of mass immigration always had this scenario in mind. It was clear that if we allowed anyone in and failed to provide the necessary services to cope with them then disruption was bound to follow. I have been blogging about it for three years. We are entering a crucial stage of this confrontation. If our police do not start inflicting injuries on the rioters nothing will deter them. This is war and we are losing!

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