Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Libya ...the follow up!

So it appears that the rebels (the bankers' boys) must now mop up and everything will be hunky dory but I wonder if that is the real position? The mainstream media (the outlet controlled by the worlds' bankers) is telling us that Gaddafi and his army (tribesmen) are all but finished so now all we have to do is send in a peace keeping force (controlled by the bankers) and everything will be back to normal!

What will you bet that the peacekeeping force will largely be our soldiers. It would be madness to get involved in this tribal warfare and that is precisely the reason that we will be committed. NATO is the attack dog of the bankers. NATO generally only deploys British troops and we the taxpayer then pay for that. I know that we have so called partners but have you noticed how the Americans don't want to get involved in this squabble?

I really hope that I am wrong! I always say that I will immediately apologise if my prophesies fall short of the mark. I will withdraw any comment if it is proven incorrect. If British troops are not deployed to Libya in a follow up (in a useless protracted tribal battle) then I will grovel. In my humble opinion this war is far from over. This Gadaffi family still has clout because in power they looked after their own.

It would be the height of folly to get involved in the peace because there will  never be peace in Libya. The Gadaffi forces will become the rebels.


NewsboyCap said...

I think you could be right, this is along way from over.
Still the Bankers have got their wish and installed a Central Bank so the people can get themselves into DEBT any time soon.

BTW have you seen the video about Bahrain over at Calling England, powerful stuff!

bryboy said...

Not yet my friend but you have steered me. Nice to see you back here.