Monday, 8 August 2011

London is burning!

I am watching SKY news and I believe that the authorities are seriously worried! Fires everywhere! Croydon, Ilford, Peckham, Lewisham...the capital is being threatened thanks to our Political Class. An anonymous visitor commented on my blog only two days ago that their days were numbered but I never expected this!

I do wonder how far it will go. I don't think that anyone knows but it seems as if it is being orchestrated. The politicians are still trying to play by the rules but it appears to me that their rulebook has just been torn up. The rioting has just spread to Birmingham. How long before it gets to Manchester or Leeds or Bradford?

This is how I remember Belfast in the seventies! Buildings are blazing and yet there is no evidence of fire crews attending. There is a huge fire in Croydon and absolutely not a fireman in sight. Now they are destroying shops in Clapham Junction and not a copper in sight. Reports are coming in from everywhere and breaking news... the PM is returning from his hols (must be serious then!).

I am beginning to think that this is a serious threat to our way of life. Our ethnic community is clearly determined to destroy our lives. They have just announced that there are 30000 police officers in the Met but only a small percentage are trained for riot control!! Is that not just fine and dandy? Pre Common Purpose every policeman could confront rioters! Still no firemen in Croydon!

This is mesmerizing! I have never seen anything so serious and our Political Class unable to respond. Now here's a thought will they march on Westmonster? Could this gang really threaten the very people who have caused it all? 

I expected it to kick off one day but I never expected this! I don't like it but perhaps it is what is needed to shake the politicians out of their lethargy and complacency. They have created this situation and deserve all they get. Apologies I have now seen white faces involved in the rioting (but not the looting) still this is too serious to worry about colour and I should never have mentioned it! I apologise!


mendiplad in Toronto said...

spot-on again, you old sod! honkies for decades, or bohonks. Do you know the difference? Pity these young folks who know something is dreadfully wrong but know not what. Brown, Blair, Cameron, disgusting samples of humanity. The Royals flying their helicopters fantasizing they are riding the steeds of the Knights Templar, woudn't the Queen Mum be so proud. Time to get rid of the Norman and Hun trash and bring back the values of the Anglo-Saxons (of which I am one and proud of it).

bryboy said...

Hi Mendiplad! Forgive me what on earth is a 'bohonk'? The rest of your comment made my old heart sing!

Julian Moss said...

I don't see this as a race or immigration issue. I would not be surprised if the majority of those taking part in the violence, even those who are non-white, were born here.

What we are seeing is an explosion of anger from a part of the community that feels ignored and undervalued by British society. The fact that a large proportion of the people who feel that way are young and non-white is not coincidental.

This is what you get when you have a country run by a political class that is more interested in its own agendas than those of the people. This is what you get when you cut services and reduce job prospects for young people whilst continuing to throw money at bailing out bankrupt EU countries, banks and fighting wars in far-off places.

I don't condone the violence and certainly not the looting, but with the recklessness of someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness a part of me hopes that this could bring down the government and result in it being replaced by something better.

SAB said...

Well put Julian. Can't help wondering what the 'something better' would be though? Not a lot of other options out there at the moment beyond the usual suspects who i'll never vote for again (not that it'll do any good). I'll just try to keep on smiling... :-)

bryboy said...

Julian, So good to hear from you...I have been trying to contact you but cannot work out how to comment on ur blog! My lack of IT skills is a drawback. So sorry to hear of your health issues. Your approach to it mirrors your courage. Hy heart goes out to you and Olga because she must also bear the pain. As ever I have hopes that this could show The Political Class as being the useless twerps we know them to be. Unfortunately I cannot see a replacement government even vaguely on the horizon! Stay strong.