Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Elderly and The Coalition.

OECD Warn That Elderly Care Costs Could Treble By 2050
My mother is 95. She has paid into the system her whole life but has never become rich. She lived in a council house for the best part of sixty years but has frugally saved just over £20000 which she believes is a huge sum! Now she requires care, not a lot of care because she is still lucid, she can still get around courtesy of her frame and she has no continence problems.

She does have a problem however, because she has lost her short term memory. This is so important because she forgets to drink, she cannot remember to take her medication and sometimes she forgets to go to meals. She is in a residential care home and the terms of her residency depends on her being independent. She already has a morning carer who gets her up and an evening carer who puts her to bed.

Today she was assessed by a Social Service employee because we know that it will not be long before her memory loss will become a real problem. We have already in the last six months had to call out the paramedics three times becuase she has dehydrated. Even her GP does not want to become involved.

It would appear that she is not a priority because she cannot be assessed as a 'substantial' case. In their world of government targets and financial cutbacks she is not a priority so we must wait for her to have another 'incident' before she can be reassessed. What an indictment on our politicians!

These are the same people who pour money into the abject EU, who readily involve us in wars which have nothing to do with us, who shower African property developers with Foreign Aid and allow public service employees to abuse some kind of public service credit card.  It is absolutely despicable. There are vast sums of money in the system but they are spending it on anything other than the welfare of our citizens. Someone somewhere has an agenda which is definitely anti indigenous population.

So what can we draw from this? Well the obvious conclusion is that we will all get old. If we do not improve the horrendous system that currently exists we all stand the chance of fading into a very uncomfortable old age. The care homes are decreasing and the care professionals are so poorly paid that nobody can guarantee care which is what we would wish for. If we don't vote for a revision of the current system for catering for the elderly then one day we too will lose our house! Think about it folks!!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she should have ticked the 'Asian' box before going into a home. Then she would have first class care as TPTB wouldn't dare to behave in a racist fashion.

It's something I'm doing all the time now and it's surprising how much better you get treated. I've also tried 'traveller' and the same kid glove treatment ensues.

It's too late for your mum to do this now and it makes be very angry the way our elderly are treated after everything they've given. I hope she gets what she deserves - the very best.

bryboy said...

Thanks for the tip! Perhaps I should change my name to er...Patrick O'Khan!!