Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Liberals against the Realists!

All day I have watched the news media struggling with the aftermath of the rioting youth. It is clear that David Cameron has passed down an edict that we cannot have young people looting and anarchy on the streets. He is of course right. I have often criticised him but this time he is bang on the button. The bottom line is that people died, homes were burnt out and small (and large) businesses were devastated.

Personally I don't care if they stole a packet of crisps I would jail them and the reason is that we must set an example. We must have a line which cannot be crossed. The young people must understand that stealing is wrong. There are no degrees of wrongdoing. What is wrong is wrong.

The reason that the riots happened was clearly that the British justice system has lost the respect of the youth of the country. They plainly believe that the police are ineffective, that the courts are weak and if you are unlucky enough to be jailed then you will have a cushy life.

Once again the victims of crime in this country are being ignored by the Liberal political elite who are fighting desperately to defend their failed policies. Constantly the term 'knee jerk reaction' is being used to describe anyone hoping to reverse the trend of weak sentencing and cushy prisons. Some of the offenders are screaming blue murder that they ONLY did this... and ONLY did that but this is the result of years where we have excused criminality.

I don't altogether trust David Cameron but at least he has grasped the nettle and at long, long last we are seeing sentences which reflect the crime. My only worry is that once he has demonstrated his response to the riots things will gradually slink back to the norm. Already the senior police chiefs are proposing that policing gets back to normal (you know... no police on the streets) and sentencing will also follow this example.

The riots of last weekend highlighted what has happend to this country. They have rebounded around the world. Friends of mine in NewZealand and Australia have been shocked by the images which have been shown because they are shocking!!

London was burning just like the Blitz and the people who did it were in the main the young criminals who are probably all on benefits. The politicians and the police and the judges have all encouraged them and must hold their hands up! They are just as guilty as the newspaper industry in encouraging this anarchy. Everywhere the public are under attack from criminal gangs and the mainstream media doesn't report it. If you don't believe me get onto Youtube and watch the police being chased down the streets by a Muslim group after a 'Freedom for Palestine' rally !

We must never drop our guard. This must be the fightback against criminality... yeah I know I can also see the flying pigs in the sky!! Tomorrow we will be back to the norm ...until the next time!


Julian Moss said...

I'm not convinced. Cameron is a PR man. He is saying what he wants people to think.

But these are the same politicians who have cut police numbers and prison places because it is electorally better to be able to lower taxes than pay for public services in sufficient numbers that they are available in reserve for sitiuations like this.

If we can afford extra police and more prisons, perhaps we could also afford the community projects and job creation schemes the closure of which surely contribiuted to the discontent that led to the riots in the first place.

Britain is a nation of Marie Antoinettes. It seems to me people on the whole want public services but don't want to have to pay for them. It is time we all made our minds up.

Anonymous said...

So a single shoplifter "steals" the same size packet of crisps and goes to jail - that'll be the day -said Buddy.
or is shoplifting and looting differnt crimes?