Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Where is he?

So as predicted the rebels are currently inside the Gaddafi compound in Tripoli but where is he? Predictably he has disappeared but I personally never thought that he would remain to be humiliated. His son Saif, who is as smooth as silk, allowed himself earlier one last gesture of defiance on television but he too has disappeared.

So the bankers have engineered and won another fight. I have no great feelings either way because Gadaffi needed to be deposed but after such a lot of human sacrifice isn't it a shame, if you follow the VMB's cynical approach to this conflict, that everything achieved will eventually end up in the hands of the bankers.

I suppose that tonight we celebrate with the brave 'freedom fighters' but tomorrow I know exactly what they face. Tonight is a time to celebrate the bravery of the Libyan people but tomorrow they face an uncertain future because as from tonight they entered the world of the banker. Read the history and recognise the pattern. As from tomorrow their cheap everything will begin to rise in line with world politics. They are no longer an independent nation.

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bewick said...

Bravery Bryboy? As I understand it Libya has a population circa 6m and 2m of those have fled to neighbouring states and Italy. Just read an oped which called the "freedom fighters" football hooligans with AK47s. An analysis with which I have long agreed. A rag-tag rebel force fighting what seems to be a rag tag army boosted by mercenaries.
The West should have stayed out of it and I suspect we will long live to regret helping to get Gadaffi overthrown. The whole southern edge of the Med looks odds on to become a contiguous Arab Islamic State. I seriously hope that I am proven wrong but shall be surprised if I am.