Saturday, 27 August 2011

She is married to the Speaker of the House of Commons!

John and Sally Bercow

I have just stumbled upon this years's 'Big Brother' almost by accident and witnessed the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons being the first person to be evicted ahead of some of the worst 'Z' list nonentities. Sally Bercow is married to one of the most prominent of politicians and yet she has demeaned him and her family by appearing on this trashy programme.

It defies belief! She is living in a grace and favour home courtesy of the taxpayer and yet she feels that it is appropriate to appear with people who just court publicity. I despise this current Speaker because he stood as a Conservative and yet constantly supports the socialists. That is why he was elected to the position. The problem is that his judgement is seriously at question. His wife apparently has a long history of indiscretion.

This is our Political Class. Remember the last Speaker had to resign. He was then ennobled and now resides in the House of Lords. Look at the other 'Lords' and their track records...Prescott and Mandelson and so many others who have disgraced their office.

Clearly the disciples of the bankers who rule the world have no discernible principles. They really believe that they are unaccountable and of course they are right. They are bought and paid for and they belong to the Ruling Class. If you are not in the club then 'tough luck' because they have the guns and the power. This country no longer has a democracy. We are being ruled by a power group of bankers who care not a jot for democracy and the Royal Family appears to have accepted the inevitable (or they part of it?).

What Sally Bercow has achieved is to draw attention to this ridiculous situation. She is a 'one off' and that is being polite. Her husband controls the House of Commons but cannot persuade his wife that she should show some decorum. A weak man is exactly what the politicians and the bankers thrive on. In particular the bankers have recruited, over many decades, weak people who will bow to their demands. Most of our MPs are from that ilk...they have been vetted and approved so that all will be well.

They only serve the Banking Class and that is why they have been elected. Most of the electorate still believe the joke that our elections are important. Actually they don't matter because all the parties support the bankers. So whether you vote Cameron/Miliband/Clegg you will get the same. Of course you can't vote BNP, EDL, UKIP because if you do, according to the mainstream media, you could be termed a traitor/racist/nutter!

Well done Sally m'love you have played a blinder!


Anonymous said...

She's an embarrassment. Who is advising her?

bryboy said...

Max Clifford I reckon!