Monday, 15 August 2011

David Starkey - right or wrong?

David Starkey

On Newsnight a couple of evenings ago an historian called David Starkey caused a storm by stating that in his opinion white youth had adopted black culture in the ghettos. He quoted Enoch Powell and frankly I thought he had a point. When one hears the uneducated youth and see examples of Twitter the Jamaican patois is widely used.

Immediately the socialist media exploded in self righteousness damning David Starkey to hell for all eternity for expressing his view. Today Guido Fawkes has conducted a poll on his blog when he asked if the David Starkey view was racist as has been claimed. Take a look at the results of over 5000 voters!

Personally I think it reflects the view of a broad spectrum of the public. For too long we have been restricted in commenting on controversial issues. When I grew up we had never heard the term 'racist' but it has been used to curb the freedom of speech. Unless we allow free speech we will never solve the myriad of problems which multiculturalism has heaped on the country.

I may not agree with someone but I would defend to the death his/her right to express an opinion. I would only object if that person was deliberately offensive.


Julian Moss said...

Political correctness is well out of hand in this country. In my opinion, a statement is only racist if it is uninformed or implies racial hatred. Unfortunately it has now become impossible to make even reasoned comments that are critical of ethnic minorities before the PC brigade start howling at you.

bryboy said...

Too right Julian and according to the poll set up by Guido Fawkes we are not alone. It is time to fight back.