Thursday, 11 August 2011

Words, words, words...we need action!

I am listening to Ed Miliband as he drones on at the emergency session of Parliament following the riots. How can he conveniently forget that it was him and the Labour party who have created the conditions under which this criminal culture was allowed to thrive. It was the Labour party who opened our borders and failed to control the incoming numbers.

It was under the Labour party that education failed the children. It was under the Labour party that the welfare bill spiralled out of control. They were the people who encouraged young girls to have babies without the knowledge or background to tend for those babies. They created the 'nanny' state and the government sponsored ghettos. They allowed the town hall fat cats and the quangos to flourish. They took the police off the streets and politicised the Civil Service. They signed away our freedom to the unaudited EU and they took us into two (in my view) unneccssary wars.

The record of the Labour party from 1997 until 2010 is lamentable if not downright criminal. Even now they are using these riots to score petty political points. The one aspect of their politics is clear...they never have any policies which benefit the paying public. Every aspect of their political game is of benefit to the Criminal Class or the Bonus Class. Nothing is ever done which would benefit the humble taxpayer and even now it was the taxpayer who suffered in the riots when the police stood back and allowed the rioters hours of freedom to plunder the shops.

The first job that the PM must do is to instruct the senior police officers to deploy their officers onto the streets in force every day. They must patrol the streets and the parks and get closer to the kids who are running out of control. They are far too distant from the public. They are refusing to protect the public and never was this more evident than during the London riots. What the riots have done is demonstrate how weak their performance has become. Many bloggers and to be fair many front line police officers have complained that the senior officers have their own political agenda. It must stop!

It is time for the words to cease. We want action from our politicians. We the public are demanding change. We must bring order to the streets. Then we must bring order to the classroom. It will of course be obstructed by the odious trade unions (who back Ed Miliband) but the PM must take them on and defeat them! The big question is ...will he?!

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