Tuesday, 16 August 2011

News International lied...surely not!?

James Murdoch

I am watching ITV news at the moment and they are stating that a former News International chauffeur has evidence of payments to police officers by News International! Already their former employee Clive Goodman has blown their evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee apart.

I believe that this rotten empire, founded on sleaze and sex, is about to collapse. It will collapse because eventually all rotten enterprises collapse. The big question is who will be brought down with it? How far will the tentacles of any News International enquiry reach? Now that the genie is out of the lamp who will be brought down? David Cameron is the prime candidate because for whatever reason he employed Andy Coulson and nobody knows why.

The primary attack dog for the socialists is Tom Watson. I believe that he is a Gordon Brown (aaagh) supporter and as we all know News International recognised the incompetence of that man and deserted him. Gordon Brown is venomous when angry as we saw in Westmonster recently. Somehow he commands support from very powerful quarters. I wonder just what friends Gordon Brown has cultivated in his socialist years in power.

Of course of all this means that James Murdoch, his dad Rupert, Rebekah Brooks et al have all been lying to the Westmonster committee. Are we really surprised? One thing is certain and that this story will run and run! Oh Goody!

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